Artificial Intelligence A.I. Day

When:  Jun 4, 2024 from 09:00:00 AM to 04:00:00 PM (ET)
Artificial Intelligence A.I. Day
9AM - 12PM 3CE Credits
1PM - 4PM   Workshop / NO CE Credits
Member pricing: $49
Non-Member pricing: $64
Instructor: Craig Grant

The morning class offers 3CE Credits. The afternoon class is a Workshop-NO CE Credits, to create marketing content using the A.I. knowledge learned in the morning.
You are encouraged to bring your laptop with you!

Get ready to dive into the amazing world of AI! From the incredible ChatGPT & Dalle-2 to MidJourney, Bard, Co-Pilot, and a whole bunch of your favorite tools like Office, Docs, Canva, Adobe, and Grammarly - they're all embracing AI! 

Join us in this session to uncover what AI really is, how it can supercharge your real estate business and everyday life, and what the legal and ethical considerations are. By the end, you'll be equipped with the knowledge to not only stay ahead of the curve, but also to enhance your business efficiency, and supercharge your customer service, all while staying ethical and compliant. Let's unlock the full potential of AI together!

1. FREC requires that licensees attend 90% of instructional class time. Physical presence is required
2. CE credit will not be awarded to students who miss more than 15 minutes of the morning instructional time. Please allow adequate commute time. No exceptions.
3. All students MUST sign-in and sign-out to receive CE credit.
4. Electronic note-taking is permitted on silent devices, only. Cell phone use is permitted during designated breaks.


1330 Lee Rd
Orlando, FL 32810