Core Law

When:  Sep 5, 2023 from 09:00:00 AM to 12:00:00 PM (ET)
Core Law - Mandatory for License Renewal
Member Pricing: $10
Instructor: Nishad Khan

***This class fulfills the 3hr Law license requirement***

Understanding real estate law is part of every real estate licensee’s business. The more a licensee knows, the better he or she can work with customers and safeguard them from legal complications. Buying and selling property requires a lot of legal paperwork. Today, more than ever, it’s important to know the laws governing the practice of real estate. This material will provide a "red flag notice" of when participants are potentially going into a danger zone—the unlicensed practice of law.

Objectives: After taking this class students will be able to:
  • Identify and avoid the unlicensed practice of law.
  • Describe the two Supreme Court Approved lease forms for use by licensees in Florida.
  • Describe the seller’s duty to disclose material facts under the Johnson v. Davis ruling and the licensee’s duty under Rayner v. Wise Realty Co.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the Florida Landlord and Tenant Act.
  • Describe the disclosures required in the sale of Condominiums or properties covered by a Homeowner’s/Community Associations.
  • Identify Florida Environmental and Growth Management Laws.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the requirements in the Florida Brokerage Relationship Disclosure Act.
  • List the duties included in the Single Agent, Transaction Broker and No Brokerage Relationship.
  • Identify the requirements for transitioning a brokerage relationship from one to another.
  • Describe the disclosure requirements in the Designated Sales Associate Relationship
  • Explain the FREC rules regarding a Broker’s Escrow Account.
  • List and describe some of the common environmental hazards associated with real property
  • Identify the rules regarding Mutual Recognition Agreements Florida has with other states regarding licensing education.

1. FREC requires that licensees attend 90% of instructional class time. Physical presence is required
2. CE credit will not be awarded to students who miss more than 15 minutes of instructional time. Please allow adequate commute time. No exceptions.
3. All students MUST sign-in and out to receive CE credit.
4. Electronic note-taking is permitted on silent devices, only. Cell phone use is permitted during designated breaks.

ACCESSABILITY:ORRA will make every effort to ensure that onsite programs are accessible to all. Call 407-513-7268 to provide advance notice to staff regarding need of assistance.

Cancellations not received within two (2) days prior to class start time will result in the forfeiture of the registration fee. Cancellations can be made through ORRA’s Professional Development Department at 407.513.7268 or email at


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