Virtual: Found Mold - Now What? (Foundational)

When:  Apr 9, 2024 from 10:00:00 AM to 12:00:00 PM (ET)
Found Mold - Now What? Virtual Class (2CE) (Foundational)

Early Registration Price: $10 until March 26, 2024
Regular Member Registration: $15
Non-Member Registration: $25
Instructor: Cesar Costa

Embark on a transformative journey with our comprehensive course tailored to Florida's vibrant real estate market. Gain an edge as you delve into the essential aspects of property inspections, meticulously crafted to address the Sunshine State's unique climate and specific concerns.

Unlock a wealth of knowledge as you navigate Florida's diverse weather patterns and pivotal inspection considerations, equipping yourself with the expertise to make informed recommendations without limiting choice. Our course goes beyond the ordinary, offering insights into specialized services crucial for thorough property assessment.

Elevate your understanding of mold—an increasingly pertinent issue—with a dedicated focus on its nature, potential health implications, and cutting-edge testing methods. Dive deep into mold evaluation, unraveling common misconceptions and mastering the art of interpreting laboratory results. Learn to discern when the expertise of a mold remediator is essential and explore effective strategies for small-scale mold remediation.

Empower yourself as a realtor by recognizing the significance of mold sampling, pinpointing high-risk mold areas, and embracing best practices for remediation. By the course's conclusion, you'll possess invaluable skills essential for confidently navigating and closing deals amidst the presence of mold, positioning yourself as a trusted authority in Florida's competitive real estate landscape.

1. FREC requires that licensees attend 90% of instructional class time.
2. CE credit will not be awarded to students who miss more than 10 minutes of instructional time. Please allow adequate time to connect and troubleshoot your equipment. No exceptions.
3. All students MUST stay connect for the whole duration of the class to receive CE credit.
4. You must use either a laptop, desktop, or app that requires email login. You may NOT dial or call in. Attendance is recorded by each person’s unique email address. That means two people cannot share one email address.


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